Crowdfunding Deal of the Day-Dubuc Motors Seeks $20M

Note from the Publisher:  This would definitely fall under the “exception” category for crowdfunding for a number of reasons.  A Canadian based electric sports car company is seeking $20M under Regulation A+ on StartEngine (how appropriate that they picked a crowdfunding site with “engine” in the name). According to a Crowdfundinsider interview, co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis stated ““We do not want to compete with Tesla. We want to compliment the line. With the Tomahawk we want to address a problem with luxury sport cars. Space. Trunk space. Big people will fit in the car. But we also want to open the market for women.”  The car is truly gorgeous as sports cars go, and if it really delivers everything it promises, it should be a blockbuster.  To date, they have raised $6,182,246 from 1,218 investors in reserved shares. 

“Dubuc Motors is a pioneer of sorts. Not to mention that it started in the unlikely Canadian province of Quebec (now with a location in Los Angeles), Dubuc wants to market a high-end electric vehicle that not only looks the part but can perform like a supercar should.  The specs for the Dubuc Motors Tomahawk, according to its website, add up like this:

  • Zero to 60 in under three seconds
  • Top speed of 160 MPH
  • All wheel drive, 2+2
  • A range of 370 miles
  • Estimated purchase price of $110,000

With a prototype completed, Dubuc is focusing on engineering and preparing for production. They expect to produce 200 vehicles during the very first year.

As for the investment opportunity, shares should be available soon – in both Canada in the US.  Using the North American law firm Venture Law and attorney Alixe Cormick, Dubuc will be filing to sell shares in both countries. The maximum amount to be sold is up to $20 million in class B common shares at $8 each.”

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