Crowdfunding & Faith

Note from the Publisher:  In this intersting article, author Hadas Tayeb asserts that as religeous affiliation is declining amongst millennials, crowdfunding to “do good” is rising and may serve as its replacement to some. 

“The website is Kickstarter, the campaign is SilverTech, a line of odorless men’s underwear spun from pure silver (we’re not making this up). SilverTech’s origin story revolves around a stalwart group of supporters that, beyond all odds, decide to “believe in [SilverTech’s] dream to change the underwear industry,” and one plucky manufacturer who eventually “believed in their vision.”

SilverTech is just one in a line of many, many crowdfunding projects that are peppered with references to belief. SilverTech wants you to believe in their vision, DOERS Coffee founder is grateful that someone believed in him, and celebrity crowdfunding darling Charity: Water “believes in a world where every single person has clean and safe water.”

The number of crowdfunding campaigns and platforms that invoke belief as muse or raison d’etre is staggering, though not surprising. In fact, quietly but consistently, crowdfunding in the US is taking over some of the major functions that established religions used to have a monopoly on.”

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