Crowdfunding A New Jet

Note from the Publisher:  There are many ways that investment and fund managers can participate in crowdfunding, and there’s LOTS of interesting deals out there, too.  Of course, the challenge lies in finding the ones that have the highest propensity for success.  Be that as it may, we do like to check out the various crowdfunding and P2P sites, and today we were struck by an opportunity to invest with XTI Aircraft, which has a business jet in development that takes off and lands like a Harrier Jump Jet and also cruises like a normal business jet at 35,000 feet and 350 MPH, with a range of 1,600 miles.  Their slick video shows a prototype private jet landing next to the parking garage of a mansion.  I think this little beauty needs to be the new FintekNews corporate jet. 

“XTI Aircraft has announced a $20 million Series B funding round to run concurrently with its Reg A+ offer that is accepting investors on StartEngine now. XTI has developed a concept for a vertical take off and landing aircraft that cruises like a plane. XTI states they plan to build and fly a piloted subscale prototype in two years, and has tied the maturity date of the convertible notes to this milestone.  The security being offered to accredited investors under the Series B is a convertible note that will mature in about two years, and has 30% warrant coverage.”

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