Crowdfunding: Where Outer Space & Fintech Collide

Outer space

Yes, we know that title is a teensy bit sensationalist, there really is a connection between financial technology & outer space, hard as it may be to believe.  Space aficionado Neil deGrasse Tyson has recently announced the launch of a new virtual reality-based game “Space Odyssey” at the (wildly eccentric) trade eventComic-Con.  Bear with us – the fintech part is coming.  To fund the endeavor, he went to crowdinvesting sites Kickstarter and IndieGogo and raised over $720,000 between the two, and while Indiegogo didn’t list the number of investors, Kidstarter showed 7200 investors in the fund raise.  Since the targets were met, the investing portals (ooooohh, trippy) were then shut down.  Do the math and the average investment was around the $50 mark.  Crowdinvesting remains a fun and interesting way to invest, but for the average wealth manager, it’s a little hard to recommend these investments to clients, since many of them are a little “left of center”.  But something with a celebrity name like Tyson’s attached, would seem to have more credibility.  
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“On July 29th, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s virtual reality-enhanced video game Space Odyssey reached its crowd-funding targets on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Announced during this year’s E3 and promoted by Dr. Tyson at Comic-Con, Space Odyssey will feature “real science” and physics “accurate to what we know.” It also promises to let players create their own solar system, and explore systems made by their friends and featured world-builders, including George R.R. Martin and Bill Nye. This marks the second entry in the Space Odyssey series after last year’s Space Odyssey VR Experience.

Space Odyssey will include elements playable on VR, AR, console, PC, and mobile. The Kickstarter described the VR aspect of the project, but only in the vaguest of terms: “Space Odyssey will bring exciting, immersive virtual reality special missions to the game.”
7,207 backers pledged $357,866 on Kickstarter, while the Indiegogo campaign brought in $364,621. Backers will have access to Space Odyssey’s beta, scheduled on the Kickstarter page for December 2018…”

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