Crowdfunding-When 39 Million Options are NOT ENOUGH

Keeping you on your toes, folks.  We talk about Ethereum, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Robos and ALL KINDS OF WILD & WONDERFUL FINTECH “stuff”.  But we want to make sure to include crowdfunding stories in the mix, too.  So, let’s talk about a company currently seeking funding through the site Wefunder – Everipedia.  On their funding page, they state……

“Wikipedia has 39 million pages worldwide—but there are more than just 39 million things in the world. With Everipedia, we give everyone the freedom and the access to source and share knowledge. There are no gatekeepers and no information elites.”

They claim 1.8 million monthly uniques with a “(v)ision to become a site more important than Wikipedia, Google, and Reddit.”  Okay. 

Anyway, there are so many ways to participate in crowdfunding, we just always like to remind our readers  “caveat emptor…..let the buyer beware”, as my dad the auctioneer used to say when he was auctioning off items and didn’t know if they worked or not.  Same deal with crowdfunding.  There’s no federal agency to go to for recourse if these investments fail……………but if they succeed, they can be quite fantastic.

Click to View Everipedia Funding Page on WeFunder