Crowdsourcing for a Cause

Note from the Publisher:  We wanted to feature this story today because it’s near and dear to our heart.  My husband has an autoimmune condition called Dupuytrens Contracture also referred to as “Vikings Disease”, in which the fingers bend towards the palm and cannot be fully straightened out, and he’s had several procedures to correct the condition, but it is recurring.  A visionary hand surgeon in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Charles Eaton heard of a way to treat the condition without major surgery first pioneered in Europe, and brought Needle Aponeurotomy to the United States several years ago.  He then went on to train dozens of hand surgeons nationally on the procedure.  While the Needle Aponeurotomy procedure is quite effective, it doesn’t cure the condition and in many cases it is not permanent.  Because of this, after his retirement, Dr. Eaton has gone on to form a foundation to help find a cure.  When we received  his email soliciting funds through crowdsourcing to help fund research, we had to feature it on the site.  First, if you feel moved to donate to his foundation, please do.  He’s the real deal.  But if not, it’s still interesting how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is growing more and more mainstream. 

Fundraiser to Find the Cure!

Welcome to the Dupuytren Foundation Find the Cure fundraiser page!

If you have Dupuytren, Ledderhose or Peyronie disease, you understand the need for a cure. You have the best reason to support research, and we have the best way for you to support research with the help of people you know. We are asking you to become a fundraiser – to rally your friends, family, and email contacts to support research to Find the Cure. Being a fundraiser multiplies what you can do on your own to help others with Dupuytren, Ledderhose and Peyronie disease – and you’ll help your friends feel good about doing good. The first step of research has begun. We need your help now to be able to launch the crucial next step toward a cure.

Becoming a fundraiser with Find The Cure is easy and fun. It’s fundraising without any of the the hassle of being a fundraiser. It’s all online and automated – no phone calls, no events, no stress. We’ll give you all the tools to set up a personal fundraising page like the ones at the bottom of this page. To start, all you need is a working email and a selfie or other picture ready to upload. The site will walk you through the process to share your story and your own video if you like. Your fundraising is as easy as sending email. Once you’ve set up your fundraising page, share it with your email contacts so that they can donate to Find the Cure for Dupuytren, Ledderhose, Peyronie, and related conditions. You can do all of this in less tan an hour – time well spent!

Click Start Fundraising Now to become a fundraiser or Donate Now to support this effort.

Thank you for your support.. We’re excited to have you join the team!

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