The Cryptocurrency of Choice for Mars (& Richard Branson)

Hurry and give me a call. For today only, I am able to offer YOU an exclusive bitcoin ATM territory on Mars. New exclusive territories coming soon. Come on, space exploration is closer then you think and a couple of pioneers you may have heard of (Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson) are big bitcoin fans. So it makes perfect sense to use bitcoin as an inter-galactic currency. Get your ATM territory now before Amazon takes over.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

‘The US Senate and the US House of Representatives passed Bill S.442, respectively, in February and March 2017. The bill authorizes NASA to spend $19.5 billion in the fiscal year 2017, to work towards accomplishing objectives to advance human deep space exploration, including a journey to Mars.

The bill also directs NASA to develop a strategic plan, focusing on information security and cybersecurity.

Bitcoin-Friendly Companies  Lead the Space Industry

Interplanetary Transport System – SpaceX

The space industry is growing exponentially, particularly, in those sectors related to space tourism, space habitat, space power, and space vehicles.
On February 27, SpaceX announced plans to send tourists around the Moon. This mission would be in the context of pursuing SpaceX’s ultimate goal of transporting people to Mars.
Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, wants to colonize Mars. He has shown his support for the cryptocurrency declaring, “Bitcoin is a good thing.”

Another bitcoin-friendly company focusing on space tourism is Virgin Galactic, which is expanding its operations. According to its website, “Effective today [March 2, 2017], our family of space companies numbers three. As with before, Virgin Galactic will be our commercial human spaceflight services provider, and The Spaceship Company will continue to offer design, manufacturing and testing services to build vehicles for Virgin Galactic. And our small satellite Launcherone team will become our newest company: Virgin Orbit.”
Sir Richard Branson, the founder of these companies, believes that “Bitcoin is working.”

Branson has announced that space tourists will be able to pay for their tours in bitcoins.
In this regard, Sean Patterson, PR Manager of Worldcore, wrote, “Now, Bitcoin holders can get a chance to join the future passengers of SpaceShip II, and the price of a round trip is approximately 340 BTC.”’

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