US Customs Agents Can Now Access Mobile Devices & Bitcoin

Well here is a “wrinkle” in one of the most attractive features of bitcoin. Putting bitcoin in your wallet (digital wallet, that is) and being able to saunter through airport security and customs may have gotten a bit tougher. Seems the new border security rules lets customs agents search electronic devices (mobile phones, etc) with some fancy algo’s and find stuff, like bitcoins, digital gold, etc which may be up to illegal things. So, better get rid of those nude honeymoon pictures from Cancun before you land.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

The New US administration under Donald Trump has raised the Border security at customs points when entering the US. Customs agents are searching mobile phones and other electronic devices using a complex algorithm to establish what Bitcoin or any other security info may be contained on the gadget.

The US Customs officials have hiked their game at border security by enforcing access to travellers’ mobile phones. A phone can be seized and analysed for any threat to national security for an amount of time before being given back to the rightful owner.

Bitcoin as concealed cash

Bitcoin are stored in wallets that can be easily installed on user mobile phones or tablets. Bitcoins can later be exchanged for fiat or any local currency. This property makes Bitcoin a kind of concealed cash in cases where the amount of money one should carry is regulated. spoke to Alan Yong, the founder of Dnotes, a P2P digital currency, about the US policies on the amount of cash one can carry on hand at any given time. He replied saying, “There is no limit to the amount of money you can bring into the US. However, if you enter with more than $10,000 in cash you must declare that at the customs checkpoint.”

Why the security agencies worry

Financing illegal activities and terrorism is one of the worries which the agents could have. Bitcoin provides an untraceable mechanism for moving around large sums of cash in a digital form…”

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