Dark Web Hacked

Follow along with us for a bit, folks, on our conspiracy theory journey here.  The DARK WEB or TOR, that bastion of criminal activity and terrorists (oh, and also everyday folks who just want some privacy) was HACKED last week.  Now think about this.  One of the companies who serves about 20% of the sites on the Dark Web was the source of the hack, and the database information from those sites was subsequently publicly published.  Does this sound like the work of WikiLeaks and the Julian Assange gang?  Maybe, but WHAT IF it was the work of a government?  The whole premise behind the Dark Web is that it is unhackable and anonymous.  Maybe not anymore. And, in fact, it was the work of a hacker associated with the group ANONYMOUS, as it turns out.  What a tangled (worldwide) web we weave!
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

The ‘dark web’ sites used by hackers to anonymously share information and perpetrate malicious activities may be getting a taste of their own medicine.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, a network of thousands of these dark web marketplaces was knocked offline by a massive cyberattack last week.

Cybersecurity and privacy specialists said the anonymous attack targeted a web-hosting provider named Freedom Hosting II, subsequently disabling nearly a fifth of the Dark Web as of Friday (Feb. 3).

Sarah Jamie Lewis, an independent security researcher and operator of the privacy-focused website Mascherari.press, told WSJ that the attackers also published a series of databases containing large amounts of the information available on Freedom Hosting II.

Freedom Hosting II was considered to be the largest hosting provider for anonymous websites, and the posted databases included information such as private messages between users and code from servers used to operate compromised computer networks.”

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