Darknet Avengers’ Mission

Note from the CEO:  “Darknet Avengers”. Now THAT’S a headline. Super heroes? Nope. Drug testing. Seems this site is back up and allows drugs you (??…we won’t tell) bought online be sent to a lab to make sure they are safe. Again, just thinking, I (not me, officer) get my fun drugs BUT won’t take them till I send them in to be tested (weeks?) and if they are bad I will chase an illegal drug seller in the darknet????? Yeah sure.

“Darknet marketplaces come in many different sizes and shapes. Avengers Forum is one of the more unique platforms, as it is a service to promote harm reduction. The group primarily focuses on drug trading. However, the marketplace went dark a few months ago, and most assumed it would remain offline. A new post on Reddit yesterday tells us otherwise, though.

The approach taken by the DNM Avengers is rather unique, to say the least. Their business model revolves around letting users send their drugs to a lab to receive verified results. In doing so, the DNM Avengers create a democratises drug testing ecosystem. Moreover, this would help weed out – no pun intended – drugs mixed with substances that could kill a person. These substances could include Carfentanil and Fentanyl, to name a few.”

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