ATLANTA— FactorTrust®, the Alternative Credit Bureau™, today announced a partnership with leading analytics-driven marketing consultancy, DataLab Data Solutions.™ DDS couples high-quality, clean data with deep analytics and model development, giving its customers the best opportunity for successful targeted marketing programs. The addition of FactorTrust’s 275M transaction records aids the analytics expert in executing that process to identify key prospects.

FactorTrust’s alternative credit data complements DDS’s existing, robust inventory of data records. “By adding FactorTrust’s real-time data, we are enriching our inventory and making it even more comprehensive,” said David Flam, COO. “This data provides additional insight not only into consumers with strong credit profiles, but also can help identify new consumers who may not otherwise receive firm offers of credit or insurance; our assets together provide the most complete profile of consumers, enabling our customers to grow their marketable universe.”

Maryland-based DDS uses its network of data points to build response and conversion models to help guide customers in making targeted marketing selections.

“FactorTrust is pleased to side with industry innovators like DDS,” said FactorTrust CEO Greg Rable. “By using FactorTrust’s alternative credit data, DDS is harnessing the unique and predictive capabilities of alternative credit data in their lending processes, and their customers are benefitting and extending proper fitting offers to consumers.”

FactorTrust has long-provided alternative credit data, analytics and risk scoring information that lenders need to make informed decisions about consumers. It is differentiated from the Big 3 bureaus by its collection of unique, behavioral and transactional data points it captures on tens of millions of consumers that go untapped by traditional sources.

 About FactorTrust FactorTrust, the Alternative Credit Bureau, is relentlessly dedicated to proven analytics and clean credit information that provide lenders & financial service providers opportunities to grow more revenue, meet compliance regulations and serve more consumers with more credit options. At the core of FactorTrust is alternative credit data analytics and risk scoring solutions not available from the Big 3 bureaus. FactorTrust Alternative Credit Data and Analytics accurately predicts risk and the ability to repay near and non-prime consumer loans in real-time. The company’s solutions enable financial service companies an opportunity to uncover creditworthy prospects that are not surfacing via traditional credit sources. Headquartered in Atlanta, the experienced FactorTrust team has delivered unique data and valuable insight to U.S. lenders for more than 10 years. For more information on the quarterly FactorTrust Underbanked Index or the company itself, visit

About DataLab Data Solutions DataLab Data Solutions is an internationally recognized and award-winning database marketing company highly regarded for its ability to combine superior technological knowledge, rich external data, and an intrinsic understanding of marketing, to deliver innovative solutions for large-scale direct marketers. Visit to learn more.