Debit Cards & Drones

Note from the CEO:  It’s raining money, it’s raining money, NO it’s raining……………………….debit cards. Yeah really! Starling Bank, a UK bank, is considering using drones to deliver debit cards. Oh yes, there are problems (like WHY?) since so far they can only go 400 feet. But hey, far be it from us to ruin their dreams.

UK bank (Starling Bank) is considering drones for card deliveries. Maybe this is serious or not, but it is a new way for the fintech sector to ‘fly above’ the competition. Cute read.

“Pigs might fly. And so, claims UK challenger bank Starling, might debit cards if its plan to make deliveries to customers via drones takes off.

As it gears up for a launch early next year, the startup claims to be busy on ‘project murmuration’ in a bid to provide the fastest, most efficient and environmentally friendly means of getting cards to new customers.

Various drone models have been tested to see how they handle the one pound weight of a debit card and its packaging but, with the bank admitting that it has yet to fly more than 400 feet, more work is in the pipeline.

Even if the practical issues are ironed out, chief marketing officer Deborah Keay concedes that Starling will need the blessing of the government and Civil Aviation Authority if the plan is to ever take off……….”

Source: Finextra