Deloitte’s Bitcoin ATM

Note from the CEO:  Whoa!!! Now this is credibility and a strong vote of confidence for cryptocurrencies in general. FintekNews just ran a story on bitcoin ATM’s and saw one was placed in a gas station in Jonesboro, Georgia. Not being an expert or anything, but downtown Toronto seems a bit more upstream and visible then Jonesboro.

Bitcoin ATMs have always been quite popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.With nearly 800 machines all over the world there is a growing demand – and supply – for easy access to Bitcoin. But when companies such as Deloitte unveil their own Bitcoin ATM, things are getting very interesting. After all, these devices are powered by Deloitte, by the look of things.

The Bitcoin world received a rather exciting surprise a few hours ago. As it turns out, the Deloitte office in Toronto now has its very own Bitcoin ATM. Albeit the company has been an active advocate of blockchain technology, their [public] involvement in Bitcoin has been minimal to non-existent so far.

Despite all of that, the Bitcoin ATM in questions is “powered by Deloitte”. For now, it is anybody’s guess as to what this means exactly, but it is possible the company issued their own user interface for this BitAccess device. Speaking of which, this is great publicity for BitAccess, as they compete against ATM manufacturers for market share right now.”

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