Digital Driver’s Licenses on the Blockchain?

Well, here is some innovation we don’t see much of here in the US; digital driver’s licenses. And, it comes from Australia. The territory which includes Sydney has tested a super secure blockchain technology (TrustGrid) to put driver’s licenses on your mobile devices and is rolling it out statewide quickly. Now you can get into your favorite club, bar and events by flashing your phone. And when/if you get pulled over by the police later (uh, be careful) for enjoying yourself too much, you once again, just pull out your phone. Boy, if this can get rid of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) visits, I’m in. See, big things happening in other parts of the world. Read on…
Bill Taylor/Fintek Capital

“The NSW government’s digital driver’s licence will be underpinned by blockchain technology developed by Australian firm Secure Logic.

The company today revealed a new platform it is calling TrustGrid is one of the key architectural components of the electronic vehicle licence, which is expected to be in place statewide before the end of next year.

The blockchain technology was used in the Dubbo trial earlier this year where around 1400 motorists opted in for the digital driver’s licence.

Secure Logic is now preparing for the first metro trial of the digital driver’s licence in Sydney’s eastern suburbs from November this year.

The expansion will see more than 140,000 drivers from the Eastern Beaches region entitled to use the opt-in digital driver’s licence for police checks and to gain entry to pubs and clubs in the trial area.

The TrustGrid platform is described by its creator as “a secure, decentralised and immutable ledger of transactions”.

Secure Logic CEO Santosh Devaraj said in a statement that the platform would “help put a stop to sophisticated fraudsters who can conjure up fake identities with relative ease”.

“Too often licence details are only checked superficially and this can now be replaced with cryptographic mechanisms,” he said.

Devaraj is pitching the blockchain platform more broadly at the public sector, where he believes there are a number of additional potential use cases.

“The era of standing in line to file government paperwork is coming to an end…”

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