Digitizing Gold, the CME and the Royal Mint

Royal Mint

Just in case you are NOT going to be in Dubai anytime soon, OR you are not basing your investing on Islamic law (see “Dubai Firm to Create First Gold-Backed Digital Currency“) and you may want to invest some money in gold, how about this; the CME GROUP partners with the ROYAL MINT. Always in front of innovation, the CME and Royal Mint will create RMG’s which are tokens backed by physical gold that will be stored in the Royal Mint’s vault. Since the CME is the innovation global leader, you will also be able to do some forex pair trades against those RMG’s. Very Cool! This is HUGE. So, please read the previous article and decide if you want your gold stored in an airport OR in a proven 1000+ year vault in the UK. Oh, did I mention the CME/Royal Mint will start with $1 BILLION?
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

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