Disney Goes Blockchain

Note from the CEO: I apologize here in advance but I must do this. This is no “Mickey Mouse” project at Disney and everything is going just (Donald) Ducky. Nothing “Goofy” about it. Disney has become one of the blockchains biggest fans. The company has announced Dragonchain, a distributed crypto ledger framework that has a multitude of applications. Maybe soon the parks will also be able to accept digital currencies as well. Bitcoin accepted in Disney parks. It just keeps getting bigger and better. Tinkerbell goes fintech.

“The Walt Disney Company is embracing blockchain in a big way, and not just for accepting cryptocurrency at its parks.

Disney recently released a platform called Dragonchain, described in an announcement as ‘a distributed crypto ledger framework protocol that makes it easy to create cost-efficient business networks where virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded–without requiring a central point of control.’  The platform is provided with a modified Apache 2 open source license. A small team at Disney developed the blockchain platform internally in 2016.

The Dragonchain release notes that blockchain ‘will make all kinds of transactions transparent, more reliable, and easier to audit without centralized processing, providing support for a smart contract language within a hybrid permissioned and public ledger network using a unique consensus algorithm with context based verification.'”

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