EF Hutton’s New Kinda Sorta Robo-Advisor

Note from the Publisher:  EF Hutton has announced its forming a new self-directed investing platform.  If you saw this story earlier today, you’ll note we’ve changed the headline and verbiage here, as they now have a new website up, which they did not at the time we penned the original story yestereday, and frankly the old site was an absolute mess.  However, if you go to their site, it has NOTHING about their new “pseudo-robo”, but rather focuses on a town hall event in Ohio that they are sponsoring. Que?  Are we in politics here or finance, guys? 

“Since the one-time storied brokerage was acquired in 1987, EF Hutton has tried to reinvent itself several times. The firm attempted a comeback as a brokerage in 2012, which fizzled out, and again last year with a new management team and the launch of a web-based lead generation service for advisors called Gateway.

In its latest attempt, the company is going live with its new website Wednesday at 6 a.m. Eastern time. In a statement, the firm said the new platform would provide ‘automated financial services for clients 24/7 and with customized services.’…………..

According to the business overview in the firm’s SEC Filings, the consumer-facing platform will provide financial products, including trading and investments. It’s not yet clear if EF Hutton is developing a digital allocation ‘robo’ strategy, but it sounds like a possibility.”

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