Entrex Partners With Sikari Luxe To List And Trade A Series Of Opportunity Zone Funds

Boca Raton, Fl. – October 11, 2018: The Entrex Capital Market (“Entrex”) announces today that it has executed a Letter of Intent to partner with Sikari Inc to support tax advantaged “opportunity zone” investors with a listing and trading solution across Entrex’s alternative trading platform.

“Sikari’s nearly $2 billion in multiple opportunity zone funds provides investors access to taxed advantaged investing across multiple sectors including Veteran Companies, Cannabis Companies, Franchises and other creative sectors which we believe Entrex’s alternative investor audience would want to have access” said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of Entrex. “We believe by working together we can offer investors a variety of interesting products while providing various liquidity tools for investors pursuant the regulatory and legislative rules” continued Watkins.

“Entrex has a unique solution to allow investors access to and liquidity from Opportunity Zone Funds” said David Sillaman, President of Sikariluxe and Founder of Eazy Do It Opportunity Funds. “We believe that by working together it becomes a win-win for both our companies, opportunity funds and our investors”.

“Working together we’ll offer a multitude of tradable product that allows the tax benefits of Opportunity Zone funds, the industry’s leading subject matter experts and a proven, industry leading, blockchain trading platform which helps offer many advantages to our firm and the funds investors” Sillaman continued.