Fashion Goes Fintech

Note from the Publisher:  Okay, the headline is a TINY bit of a reach, but Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel did make fashion decidedly techie at his most recent Spring 2017 fashion show, as you can see from the image associated with this story.  We love Karl Lagerfeld in our household, he’s such an original.

“Greeted by a huge sign that said “Chanel data center”, designer Karl Lagerfeld presented guests with a collection complete with blinking handbags, iridescent tweeds and fluorescent rays of color splashed on flowing dresses and caps.

The show opened with an all-white tweed suit with a round plastic helmet and boots reminiscent of Star Wars warriors.

‘We all depend on it,” Lagerfeld, 83, told Reuters TV after the show, referring to technology. “Imagine your life without the telephone and the next step will be artificial intelligence and robots.’………

Accessories included a small black handbag that was effectively a plastic robot with blinking square eyes.”

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