Femtech Marches Forward With New Boston VC

A new Boston-based VC investing in technology firms has been born and it’s being led by two female veterans of the venture capital community in the Northeast.  Previous partner investments have included funding for blockchain and artificial intelligence enterprises.  In fact their tagline is “Success Built on Mutual Respect”.  We love that, and look forward to watching this new women-led VC unfold.   

(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

From the New England Venture Capital Association:

“Nilanjana Bhowmik, GP at Longworth Venture Partners and Maia Heymann, GP at CVP, today announced the launch of their new firm, Converge. Longtime members of the Boston tech community Bhowmik and Heymann will focus on early stage investments in B2B and enterprise tech.  Heymann is currently Vice Chair of the New England Venture Capital Association.”

Posted on their website on May 2:

“To Boston With Love

There comes a time when the path ahead unfolds, the destination clear. This is the entrepreneurial calling.  We are launching Converge today to build the firm we believe will best support you: the founders and entrepreneurs we have backed and the future innovators we look forward to backing.

As natives of Boston tech, a few things are obvious to us. Our town innovates bar none.  With the best  colleges, universities and research centers, we nurture the sharpest scientific minds in the world. We have, and will continue to produce game-changing companies: software, hardware, robotics, AI, autonomous, IoT, you name it.  Most importantly, the infectious energy of entrepreneurs and risk-takers permeates our air.

Yet, it has gotten harder and harder to raise that early capital that matters the most: in the first few years of a start-up’s life where it ignites breakthrough ideas and drives product creation. Without it, the companies that will impact the world simply do not get started.

So, it is time. Time to do our part and join forces with you – the entrepreneurs building world-class technology to solve business’ most difficult challenges.
We are building our business the same way you build yours: we are a team of passionate, committed experts who love what we do. We help you, the entrepreneur, get to your destination faster.

Nilanjana & Maia, May 2017”

Source: Converge