Is “Femtech” the New Fintech?

More Women are Joining VCs & More Women are Becoming VC Investors

We at FintekNews are all on board with this since our publisher is (gasp) a woman. A very cute one too (back off lawyers, we are related. No harassment suits here). This is a very good read and congratulations to all those that have received funding. We know it takes a lot of hard work and ‘smarts’ to be successful. PLUS, I just had to bring up the name; FEMTECH. Cool!
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

If you’ve been following tech media lately, you may have read about women being underrepresented among investment partners at the venture firms a lot. Yet, I’m here to posit that women VCs are on the rise. Based on the observation of, there isn’t only an increased interest in female investors, there’s a demand for them. In this past year alone we’ve seen multi-billion dollar exits of women funded companies, an influx in female investors at corporate venture funds, and the first ever hired female investment partner by Sequoia Capital.

This can be verified by the fact that most progressive limited partners have started recognizing successful fund managers among women investors and are eager to put their dollars into women led VC funds. They’ve observed that women VCs operate through different networks and patterns of investing; methods unfound among their white male VC counterparts. LP’s are fascinated by this immerging phenomenon and are standing in line looking for the most successful women VCs to benefit from their differences.

“Femtech” is the all new booming sector that has startups actively mining for female investors. It’s a recent term coined by an emerging female founder to describe the hot new market for female-focused products and services, which form a multi billion-dollar market that is a force to be reckoned with. Female investors are big in this space due to their intuitive understanding of said products and services from many different standpoints, whether it’s design, engineering or craftsmanship. Genders aside, all investors recognize the potential for this emerging market and they’re attempting to ride its coattails.

However, women are extra likely to invest in “Femtech” industries, since most of the startups in this sector are founded by female entrepreneurs, and investors are known for investing in people they can relate to. Female venture capitalists are on the ascent also because female entrepreneurship is on the rise. There’s a definite correlation between the two and it’s altering the playing field for women VCs….”

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