Fibonacci Trading in Digital Currencies (Videos) from Millennial Trader


In case you missed it, last week we featured a story entitled A Look At Cryptocurrency Trading from a 20 Year Old Millennial’s Perspective.  If you haven’t already read it, we strongly encourage that you do, particularly if you are a money manager and haven’t fully embraced digital currencies yet.  Bennett Stein, our bright young college student who wrote the piece, has written an excellent description of why he – and his fellow millennials – have embraced digital currencies.

Astonishingly (to us, at least) it drew approximately 20x the viewership that our normal daily piece from a long-established hedge fund manager with over $12 Billion in AUM typically draws.

Bennett has kindly offered to let us publish his videos on the site.   Now we, of course, do not endorse his trading strategy, or any trading strategy, for that matter, but if you’re interested in learning how a college kid is thinking and trading digital currencies, than this series will give you some insight.

Fibonacci Trading Strategy 1 – Intro to Fibs
Fibonacci Trading Strategy 2 – Overlapping Fibs
Fibonacci Trading Strategy 3 – Fib Extensions
Fibonacci Trading Strategy 34 – Should I buy?