Blockchain Vs. Wall Street

Note from the Publisher:  Agility is key to success these days, and you gotta be a fighter, too.  Jonathan Johnson, who has recently been tapped from the Overstock internal team to head their Medici blockchain efforts, has transitioned from corporate attorney there, to CEO/Chairman, to an unsuccessful bid for the Utah governorship, to the helm of their Medici blockchain division, overseeing their tO blockain post trade settlement platform.  Johnson was also deeply involved in Overstock founder Patrick Byrne’s battles against Wall Street trading practices, and intends to continue that fighter attitude in this new position.

“After 14 years working with, the e-commerce giant’s chairman of the board was asked to leave the room during a board meeting last month.

For Jonathan Johnson, who had previously served in leadership roles, including a stint as Overstock’s CEO, it was an unusual moment. Johnson had just finished an unsuccessful bid to become the governor of Utah, and his future at the company was now in the board’s hands.

But the board would return with good news, ultimately deciding to offer Johnson the chance to take over as president of Overstock subsidiary Medici and formally lead its efforts to reimagine finance using technology inspired by bitcoin.”

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