FinTank: Chicago’s Interesting New Fintech Incubator Headed by George Vukotich

George Vukotich

Chicago’s FinTank incubator has been getting a lot of visibility lately and for good reason.  Under the direction of George Vukotich (whose photo is featured above), they’ve been successfully fulfilling their mission to “provide a physical location (in Chicago) for FinTech startups to convene and market their ideas. For investors, we aim to provide a central location to interact with promising new companies in the financial sector. For members, we want to provide all the services, mentorships and attention needed to create a successful FinTech company.”  They recently hosted a major blockchain event which was the largest such happening to date in the Windy City, and there’s more like that coming.  Kudos to FinTank for advancing the fintech ecosystem in our home town!
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“FinTank is serious about progress. If they see a need, they fill that need. Chicago has positioned itself to be one of the world’s great fintech hubs, but it needs some help. FinTank fosters development for some of tomorrow’s leading businesses right here in Chicago by helping the best entrepreneurs in the business connect with the best investors in the industry. Focusing on awareness, education, and growth, FinTank is quickly disrupting the aged notion that the best tech happens on the coasts. Forget the Valley and New York City, Chicago is the new kid on the tech block… and everyone’s taking notice.

 FinTank isn’t your normal incubator. They believe in shared knowledge and the benefits of community. Expanding beyond the traditional style of incubation, FinTank has opened its doors to the public by hosting educational seminars 3 times a week on topics ranging from Virtual Reality to Cybersecurity. They are fostering an ecosystem of unrestricted innovation and progress that is drawing attention internationally. Reports from all over the world are quickly identifying Chicago as the next great location for fintech innovation, and FinTank is at the heart of it all.

With so much attention and opportunity, FinTank has decided to take the next step of its evolution and has begun by hosting day-long seminars covering all areas of the fintech sphere. Beginning with the October 10th Blockchain seminar being held at IIT, FinTank is launching a series of initiatives that bring the top experts in various fintech fields from across the globe right here into our backyard. The unrestricted access that FinTank’s panel discussions and Q&A sessions facilitates presents a unique opportunity to Chicagoans: a chance to help choose the course of change, not just adapt to it.

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