The Fine Line Between Gaming & Online Trading Just Got Blurred Further

Gaming & Online Trading

Fintech goes so many interesting & different directions.  Today we learned that APT Systems, which offers stock trading tools with an emphasis on handheld devices has just acquired a gaming company.  According to the press release below, they intend to release over 50 games in the next 3-5 years that will be integrated into their Intuitrader trading platform.  Interesting move.  We so often see bitcoin casino ads on many digital currency websites, and my husband, a Chicago floor trader from back in the day, always said that there was a very fine line between trading and gambling, and many traders often spent their vacations in Las Vegas.  Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.  
(Cindy Taylor/CEO)

“APT Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: APTY), a fully reporting company in the Fintech software sector, is pleased to announce its expansion with their new subsidiary company committed to developing games played on handheld devices. We recognize that we are in the middle of the lazy dog days of summer but that has not held management back and its continued efforts to build value for the Company and its shareholders.

In our very first filing, we committed our development goals to writing and advised: “Utilizing real time and delayed data networks along with graphic techniques pioneered in the gaming industry, we want our solutions to speak to the mobile needs demanded by the next generation of traders.” Our new subsidiary, Snapt Games Inc will allow our team to further develop and update its skills in the gaming arena for redeployment in our Intuitrader trading platform.

It has been publicized that mobile applications are continuing to see a record number of downloads this year and revenue according to a report from app store analytics firm App Annie and is estimated to reach $102 billion in 2017 worldwide. We are aware that players are now more comfortable with ads and our efforts to balance ads and player enjoyment is crucial to long term success. Additional monetization stems from our ability to optimize their game performance with coins and provide a great personalized experience.

“We continue to watch the surge in the usage of mobile apps and we are excited to bring other quality and compatible products to the market place,” says Glenda Dowie, CEO, and President.”

Source: MarketWired