Fintech CEOs-Best & Worst Parts of The Job

Note from the Publisher:  Today we found an interesting piece outlining the thoughts of nine fintech CEOs and their favorite and least favorite parts of their job.  As we reviewed, we thought this all sounds pretty familiar and is true for any CEO, but even so, we thought our FintekNews readers would find it interesting.  Best parts of the job cited include validation by investors and creating something entirely new with a great team.  Worst parts included fundraising and losing money during the initial phases of the launch. 

“The CEO crown seems very alluring, but it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Sure there are benefits, prestige, and money, but what about all the things that aren’t spoken about, like the long hours, time away from family, and stress over making payroll?

We spoke to 9 fintech CEOs and founders, asking them what the best…and worst parts of the job are.

Nav Athwal, CEO, RealtyShares:
Best: The customer feedback, getting validation that what you’re building is something that gets them excited. Hearing things like ‘I love what you did,’ ‘it changed the way I think,’ and ‘it’s the best thing since sliced bread’.

Worst: Raising money is a necessary evil and not my favorite part of the job. You have to tell the story to skeptic VCs who have to pick the best company for their investment. It’s not the most exciting part since you’re so far way from the product, but it’s important for growth.

Brian Zanghi, CEO, Masabi:
Best: Working with a team of people and turning something that seems impossible today into something real. Especially when it delivers rewards to those with high career aspirations, it’s something that feels great.

Worst: I’ve learnt over the years that things take longer and cost more. You have to be comfortable losing money at early stages of a business. Understanding that is half the battle, and the other half is working with investors, who don’t always agree with a CEO’s perspective.”

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