Fintech Cyborgs

Note from the CEO: WOW! Every so often we at FintekNews see something we just have to pass on and let our readers see. Bio-implantable chips. Yeah! In your hand you can just wave at a scanner. Looks like one of those joke hand buzzers clowns used and shook hands with. Bzzzzzzzzz!

“Can you imagine paying bitcoin by, say, simply waving your hand?

In Ukraine, a group called Dangerous Things has demonstrated the xNT—a bio-implantable near-field communication (NFC) chip that is able to store information, including that off credit card, key card, and even cryptographic keys for bitcoin.

The group has raised $30,619 via Indiegogo, an amount that was 383 percent more than their original target of $8,000 to create the product.

Researchers believe that with NFC tags, people can save their bitcoin wallet’s private keys in their bio implants, which they can then use by simply swiping their hand over NFC-enabled point-of-sale machines.

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