Fintech Defined

Note from the Publisher:  Every now and then, it’s good to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  While we think fintech is FAR broader than the piece below suggests, we still think it’s a worthwhile read and offers a different perspective for viewing the industry at large.  As we’ve stated before, we’ve found that many feel that fintech is only applicable to their industry silo – trading, wealth management, banking, payments, insurance, mortgages or whatever that silo may be.  Our mission remains to cover the entire fintech industry and all its segments in an easily digestible format. 

“Fintech is a broad, catch-all term, which can apply to a broad swath of financial-services operations.

But paradoxically, fintech is often viewed with a too-limited scope, as people commonly understand — or misunderstand — the word to refer to millennial-led startup firms that disrupt payments and wealth-management processes via digitization.

Fintech has emerged as one of the hottest buzzwords on Wall Street in recent years, after historically being the stuff of dry, technical discussions among IT professionals.”

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