Digitzs’ Crowdfunding Success

Note from the Publisher:  We want to make sure to keep our readers abreast of ongoing successful crowdfunding campaigns in fintech  In fact, many that have occurred recently were for international fintechs in Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, China and Dubai, which we found quite interesting, and we will follow this trend to see if indeed more international fintechs use crowdfunding that US fintechs.  Gut instinct is that they probably do, but we’ll stay on that story. 

In the meantime, US fintech Digitzs’ founder Laura Wagner has done an interview with Crowdfund Insider, where she discusses her success launching her payments platform, which according to their website, “…is perfectly suited for platforms that process ticket registration payments for marathon races, donation payments for nonprofits, rent payments for property management companies, peer-to-peer payments for individuals, crowdfunding, reservation payments for B&Bs, and invoice payments for SMBs.’

“…Earlier this year, Digitzs took to the equity funding platform to raise funds with Shark Tank alum, Kevin Harrington. During its funding round. The company’s product was “developed by pros from Visa, PayPal and Kount, [and] the solution exploits weaknesses in legacy payment systems. The solution targets merchants who don’t swipe cards or use shopping carts – a trillion dollar market growing at 15% per year.

In 2015, $2.5 million was pledged to Digitzs by investors through Crowdfunder, placing the company in 3rd place out of the 50 most successful equity crowdfunding campaigns for the period. Early investors of Digitzs include Mark C. Thompson (CEO coach to Virgin, Pinterest, Schwab, Amex, Apple) as well as Barbara Lazaroff (Co-Founder Spago and Creator Wolf Gang Brands).”

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