Fintech Entrex Announces $250M Real Estate Securitization JV

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Via blockchain, a little known but incredibly innovative firm out of Florida is doing some remarkable work in the real estate investment sector.  Stephen Watkins who heads up Entrex Capital Market has teamed up with Miami-based Gravytree to offer baskets of tradable debt securities, backed by commercial real estate.  This is made possible by focusing on the underserved market of commercial real estate investments valued under $25M, which many REITS typically won’t invest in and hence may otherwise struggle with liquidity.  We LOVE the innovation of this new product, and the fact that the transactions are facilitated through the tZero blockchain platform.  For those who don’t know, tZero is the high profile blockchain entity founded by’s Patrick Byrne.  Keep an eye on this one.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Boca Raton, Fl. April 5, 2018: The Entrex Capital Market (“Entrex”) announces today the execution of a joint venture with Miami based Gravytree. The joint venture has committed to deploy $250 million into asset backed securities of cash flowing commercial real estate transactions over the next 18 months.

“The Gravytree team, who helped build both the and real estate platforms have extra-ordinary access to real estate entrepreneurs who need, and deserve, access to capital” said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of Entrex. “By working together, we expect to provide investors individual and diversified baskets of tradable debt securities, via our patent TIGRcub Securities, offering investors an alternative yield, real estate backed, monthly debt security”.

“In 2017 we pushed over 200 TIGRcub ‘corporate’ trades out to the Blockchain – our regulatory reviewed technology platform which originates, structures, offers, places, trades*, settles and services these corporate debt securities. With Gravytree our focus is to build a similar platform for the real-estate market.”

“Anthony Gaitan, CEO of Gravytree suggested: “The real-estate market is relatively illiquid and archaic capital market. Together with Entrex we expect to build the leading entrepreneurial real-estate securitization market. We’ll build on what Wall Street accepts – and offer access to sub $25 million valued cash-flowing real estate – which has been extremely illiquid and inefficient to access.”

“By aligning professionals from real-estate and the capital markets – we expect to disrupt outdated methodologies and create the leading real-estate securitization market” continued Gaitan.

About Entrex

Entrex, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a “capital market system for entrepreneurial companies,” to help companies access capital while providing control, compliance, and transparency for investors. Through its affiliate and successor companies (collectively, “Entrex”), Entrex allows investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade TIGRcub® securities. Entrex licenses its patented TIGRcub® securitization process to cash-flowing companies with $5-250 million annual revenue. For investors, the TIGRcub® simplifies investing in this sector, while providing the potential for both monthly base yield and revenue participation.

*TIGRcubs® are private securities, tradable leveraging the blockchain technology, subject to federal, state and local regulations. They are not traded publicly and are subject to holding period requirements prior to secondary trading. They are not intended for investors who need a liquid investment.