Fintech Investment Bank FT Partners Releases Auto Fintech Report

FT Partners

San Francisco-based FT Partners has emerged as THE go to investment bank if you’re looking to close a major deal in financial technology.  They also publish some excellent research and recently released an overview of the emerging fintech ecosystem around the automotive industry.  We’ve included an overview from the firm on the report along with a link to the document at the bottom of this story.  Well worth the read and an interesting look at yet another emerging sector utilizing financial technology in a MAJOR way.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

FT Partners Research is pleased to present you with our latest in-depth, 200+ page industry report: “Auto FinTech – The Emerging FinTech Ecosystem Surrounding the Auto Industry.”

This report highlights and reviews the significant changes in the way vehicles are used by consumers and businesses as well as the challenges and opportunities they present. This shift affects both traditional financial services providers and new FinTech entrants across all automotive-related areas including Lending / Banking, Insurance and Payments.
The report highlights several key trends within the broader automotive industry, such as:
  • Consumer auto purchasing shifting towards online channels
  • Changing patterns in vehicle ownership and usage
  • Emergence of the Connected Car
  • Implications from autonomous vehicles
  • Growing adoption of electric vehicles
  • Potential impact from new regulations across the industry
  • Evolving changes in global manufacturer supply chains

​As the automotive industry continues to innovate, consumers and businesses will expect the financial services and processes surrounding this massive industry to modernize and adapt as well. Similarly, as new advances change the way consumers and businesses use cars, both traditional financial services and FinTech companies can distinguish themselves by offering new, innovative solutions.

FT Partners’ Auto FinTech report provides a deep dive into the industry and discusses key trends and notable players in the space. Other highlights of the report include:
  • A detailed industry landscape covering both incumbent players and new, disruptive startups across several industry verticals
  • Interviews with 20 prominent CEOs and executives driving innovation and disruption within Auto FinTech
  • Detailed profiles of 50 notable companies in the space
  • Comprehensive lists of financing and M&A transactions in the space, along with profiles of significant transactions.”

Full Report can be viewed at