Fintech Investor Ron Suber Has Been Busy in 2017

Ron Suber, President of Prosper often contacts us when there is a new deal closing to report, and we must say, has been a “little busy” lately. 

Since January, we’ve reported that he invested in Credible, an online exchange for funding and refinancing student loans.  Then we learned just a few weeks back that he had invested with Unison Home Ownership Investors.  Just last week, it was announced that Prosper had secured a $5B loan purchase agreement from some major institutional players.  Then on March 1, it was announced that he just invested in Money360-a real estate investment marketplace.  If you want to know where the hot categories of P2P and marketplace lending are in fintech, watch where he’s investing.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher) 

“Ron Suber, Prosper Marketplace President and prominent Fintech investor, has taken a stake in Money360 – a fast growing real estate investment marketplace.  Suber will also play an active role as a Strategic Advisor to Money360 to help boost platform growth.

Money360 has grown exponentially. The real estate crowdfunding platform has just topped $200 million in closed commercial real estate loans. By the end of the year, Money360 expects to surpass $500 million in real estate lending. It took Money360 one year to originat $100 million in loans and 6 months to reach $200 million. Money360 predicts this type of growth will continue going forward.

Recently, Money360 affiliate M360 Advisors registered its fund with the South Korea Financial Supervisory Service thus clearing the way for a $250 million pledge from a longstanding South Korean financial institution.

Suber may be the most active individual Fintech investor in the world. He was there for the A round in SoFi – now one of the largest Fintech companies in operation. Suber has continued his investment activity into a wide-ranging portfolio of promising and innovative financial firms.”

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