Fintech Investor Two Sigma’s Cornell Playpen

WOW, Bell Labs New York City edition. Dubbed the “Collision Lab” the new Cornell Tech Campus will have a super resident with Two Sigma, the very tech-savvy investment firm. Leave it to NYC to step up to the next level in the fintech sphere.

Cornell’s Tech Campus out on Roosevelt Island has confirmed that super smart tech investment firm Two Sigma will be a resident on the new campus. Think of this as the Bell Labs of fintech and will created a real central power of collective innovation. Pretty awesome and can’t wait to see the innovation that comes from this. (Bill Taylor/CEO)

In its quest to build a competitive tech sector, New York City is looking for ways that it can leverage the rich fabric of industries that live within its economy. The forthcoming Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island is one of the biggest attempts to corral the city’s top talent into a single playpen with the hope of spurring innovative technologies.

Now that playpen has its first confirmed corporate resident, the tech-savvy investment firm Two Sigma. The company will take over a 9,200-square-foot space inside the campus’s Bridge building, a place intended to bring together students, startups, and established tech companies. The allure of the new campus, and this multipurpose building, is that it could encourage the collective innovation of New York’s diverse economic sectors by putting a bunch of talented people in one place.

It’s an idea reminiscent of Bell Labs, the famed facilities known for sparking innovation in various fields of research. Inside the Bridge building, Two Sigma will have easy access to Cornell’s researchers, as well as other yet-to-be determined tenants. It plans on using the space to host brainstorming sessions and foster new initiatives.”

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