Fintech Key to Growing Dream Big Read Financial Education Strategy Globally

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 7, 2019. Sammy Rabbit is pleased report last week’s launch of the country’s first statewide Dream Big Read Financial Education campaign was a glowing success. The collaborative effort led by Team Sammy and Economics Arkansas brought Sammy Big Dream story books to every elementary school library in Arkansas. It featured special guest readings by high profile Arkansas leaders. And, it raised awareness throughout the nation on the importance of early age financial literacy.

‘The Dream Big Read strategy is just in its infancy,” shared Sam X Renick, creator and driving force behind Sammy Rabbit. “Our aim is to keep the learning going and growing throughout the globe. Financial technology is the key to achieving the vision and mission. Sammy’s eye is on innovation. We are in discussions with KLCS, PBS’s Los Angeles affiliate, on developing an animated series. We also see supplementing the live story telling of the outer space adventure with an augmented virtual reality experience, a digital bank or wallet, an online training and resource center, an interactive APP and games.

Those enhancements would provide a dynamic and robust platform to engage millions of kids, families, schools, and community agencies in learning. A ride on the world’s first space coaster – Sammy Rabbit’s big dream – may be even closer than Elon Musk can imagine! Sammy’s mantra is: Dream big. Do Big. One Step at a Time!”  

One of several Tweets posted during Arkansas Dream Big Read week came from Arkansas State University Chancellor Michael Damphousse. The university and community pacesetter shared his appreciation for being invited to read as well encouraging young people to save their money.

Sammy’s next statewide Dream Big Read Financial Education Campaign is scheduled for April in Wisconsin in collaboration with the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation, MyMazuma, and their banking partners.

About Sammy Rabbit and Dream Big Reads

Sammy – the get in the habit rabbit – is a friend kids and families love to learn with. Sammy believes great habits, like reading and saving money, give all kids a better and brighter future.

Dream Big Reads are a collaborative strategy.

Their purpose is to bring financial education resources and raise awareness in communities around the world on the need for early age financial literacy.

As part of the Dream Big Read strategy Sammy’s mission is to have one million kids own and read a Sammy’s Big Dream Book by the end of 2020!   

We want to make it just a little bit easier for parents, teachers and community leaders to help kids establish the right money habits and money attitudes while they are young – between the ages of 4 and 10. We think it is far better to shape kids money mindsets, habits and attitudes, rather than correct them.

All are welcome to collaborate and participate.

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Our aim is to refine, replicate and scale Dream Big Reads around the world.