Fintech Kills

Note from the CEO: Ah, just my kind of article; crumbling devastation. Well, not totally but here are five things that will/are being strongly ‘disrupted’ by fintech. Change without things being shaken up a bit isn’t really change, is it? Get your innovation on and dig in.

A great article detailing five specific areas where the fintech innovation is having a big impact. As always, there will be fallout and some people and resources are going to have some serious downside coming. You have been warned.

“FinTech has been touted as a rocket ship that has been well-fueled by venture capital, adoption and integration is happening far and wide — everything positive. Financial technology investments have grown exponentially in the past decade – rising from $1.8 billion in 2010 to $19 billion in 2015. But with all this innovation, automation, not many have mentioned what the fallout might be. And while financial institutions have capital and some small ways to cheat their own death, here are 5 areas where people and resources will suffer catastrophic fallout from FinTech permeating every industry and everyday life….

1. Depleting Workforce….
2. Shrinking Real Estate Holdings….
3. Ubiquitous Frictionless Payment….
4. Obsolete Education and Credentials….
5. Evaporating Fee Structure – Race to Zero…”

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