Fintech & Online Trading

As with all sectors of fintech, the online trading sector also has been profoundly affected with new innovations coming from the advances in financial technology.  Three innovations that have emerged include social trading, binary options trading and no fee trading.  While these primarily target a consumer base, they still impact the jobs of financial advisors who are constantly defending their professional turf against new consumer-based technologies, and it is wise FA indeed who stays abreast of the developments and new players in the sector. (Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“Fintech, which is short for financial technology, is a new sector that focuses on disrupting the financial industry by offering consumer-friendlier and more efficient financial products and services at a lower cost by leveraging innovative new technologies.

Currently, fintech startups are changing the status quo in a wide range of areas within the financial industry ranging from international money transfers, wealth management, and small business lending to insurance, mobile payments and much more.

An area that has also experienced disruption by fintech startups is online trading for private investors. In this article, you will be introduced to the three ways financial technology has disrupted online trading and how it has managed to simplify trading for the everyday user.”

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