FinTech Revolution Symposium NYC, November 15, 2016

Note from the Publisher:  P2P and fintech thought leader (and friend of FintekNews) Dara Albright will be hosting an event in NYC on November 15, and we encourage our readers in the NYC and tri-state area to attend if you are able.  Details below & registration info are below.

Profiting From the FinTech Revolution

We are in the midst a worldwide FinTech revolution that is changing everything about the way we invest, borrow, lend, pay for goods and services and save for retirement. It is reinventing our currency, inspiring a new ecosystem of alternative investment products for the masses and giving rise to an entirely new generation of tech-centric financial leaders.

Most importantly, it is democratizing access to capital, investment products and diversification methodologies. The impact on personal finance will be colossal.

Join us on November 15th at Opia Restaurant for an unprecedented opportunity to see the leadership, ingenuity and technologies that are shaping the future of personal finance, and learn how investors of all sizes, businesses in all stages of growth, and financial services providers of all echelons stand to profit from this FinTech revolution.

Featured retail alternative products will include consumer debt, small business debt and a groundbreaking new equities Reg CF offering.

Key discussion points will include:

  • How non-exchange traded alternatives are becoming the mutual funds of yesteryear;
  • What is driving retail’s demand for non-exchange traded alternatives;
  • Using micro-investing technology to diversify across and within online marketplaces;
  • How new legislation is being used to engineer a new breed of alternative products;
  • How innovations in self-directed IRAs will create new retail distribution channels for the entire alternative product universe;
  • Technologies that will ensure the scalability of online platforms and enable traditional financial services providers to increase AUM;
  • How millennials will fuel the growth of FinTech and redefine financial services;
  • How FinTech will replace the 401k and transform the way Americans save for retirement;
  • Modernizing the Self-direct IRA – The Trillion Dollar FinTech Opportunity
  • The magnitude of tax-deferred micro alternative investing and its economic impact.

Date and Time

Tue, November 15, 2016
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

The event is by invitation only. Anyone interested in attending should email [email protected] or receive an invitation by joining the guest list at