Fintech Startup Smackdown

Note from the CEO:  Oh boy, a fintech startup smackdown. Well it’s actually a competition but it could get out of hand. Lendit, a global conference series will partner with Capital One for kind of a Shark Tank pitch. Great new ideas and innovations should emerge. What would Mr. Wonderful say?

“Fintech startups hold a lot of value in the financial ecosystem. Entrepreneurs drive innovation, whereas banks seem to struggle with the concept of change. LendIt, a global conference series dedicated to online lending, partnered with Capital One. As a result, both entities will co-host PitchIt @ Lendit, an annual fintech startup competition.

More annual Fintech conferences (are) never a bad thing. Particularly one that focuses on online lending, as it is an emerging industry. Within the online lending sector, there is still plenty of room for innovation and change. During the annual PitchIt @ LendIt conference, eight startups will be eligible to pitch their case.

Every participating startup will receive coaching for their pitch. Presenting a case in front of an expert panel should not be taken lightly. For a lot of startups, there is only one option to make a first impression. The startup that is elected the winner will be mentored by experts through a personalised plan. Capital One Growth Labs will take care of this process.”

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