Fintech Startups On Fire Worldwide

Note from the Publisher:  We agree with the following piece that discusses the breathtaking rate of growth for startups in fintech, and their regional locations.  In fact, in another piece today, we discussed how even US states that are not typically thought of for fintech – such as Arkansas – are moving into the accelerator space to attract this rapidly growing sector.  Fintech innovation is in fact a worldwide phenomena.

“It is hard to hear or read anything related to technology these days without coming across the term blockchain. Bitcoin technology has become such a hype, despite there being no clear first-mover advantage. But that isn’t keeping entrepreneurs from creating new blockchain startups all over the world. In fact, the Outlier Ventures blockchain angels startup tracker lists 967 companies so far.

As one would come to expect, the vast majority of startups is located throughout the United States. That is not entirely surprising, considering how the region is pumping a lot of money into Bitcoin as well. To put this into perspective, most of the Ethereum-based startups are located in Europe, with a strong focus on the UK and Germany.”

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