Fintech-Testing & QA

Note from the Publisher:  On a day to ponder fintech, we’ve come across an interesting piece that looks at how the affect of fintech triggers change on other industry sectors.  Capgemini has published a piece in late 2016 entitled “The World Fintech Report 2017” and it’s quite an interesting overview.  You can register to download it here.  We thought it was interesting, thought, that one of Capgemini’s VPs is talking about how fintech disrupts testing and quality assurance in the financial markets, a piece of the fintech puzzle we seldom hear about. 

Renu Rajani, Vice President of Capgemini, opined earlier this week that Fintech’s revolution this past year has disrupted trends in testing and quality assurance (QA).  The observation is based on findings further described in the firm’s latest fintech report, World FinTech Report 2017, which was published earlier this year….

According to Rajani: “A disruption in one industry triggers a cascading effect on the others.”

In this scenario, disruptions in financial services have led to disruptions in testing and QA overall — this extends to security and quality of software that are often the foundation of fintech product and services….Rajani then explained how fintech platforms need to remain mindful of basic security and quality to ensure their usefulness (and to maintain consumers’ trust);

“In order to test FinTech applications, we need to map out requirements and specific types of testing. For a FinTech application or software, there are five key requirements: security, data integrity, user friendliness, functionality, and performance. The diagram below illustrates each requirement in reference to testing.”……..

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