Fintech Top 10 Vitals & Infographic

This is a perfect article (especially for us at FintekNews) since we are all about fintech and now even we can understand why it’s so important. Not that we didn’t know of course, BUT you can always learn more, right?

All laid out on an easy to read and understand numerical listing (and infographic) explaining the basics of why fintech is so important. These simple ten points clearly make the case for the fintech sector absolutely being a vital element of the global ecosystem. Covering everything from economic growth to industry scale (and all in between) this read will make every reader a fintech aficionado.  Here’s a few of the top 10 points to get you started……………

  1. FinTech substantially contributes to economic growth and development
  2. FinTech facilitates financial inclusion for disadvantaged groups of population
  3. FinTech brings the speed to innovation adoption and transforms the quality of innovation
  4. FinTech builds a foundation for sustainability and ensures healthy growth of the business ecosystem …………

See Reference Article & Infographic at LetsTalkPayments


Posted by Bill Taylor, CEO-FintekNews