Fintech Trash Talkin’

Note from the Publisher:  See the image with this story?  This simple fintech infographic could became the source of a fair bit of controversy last week.  We witnessed a non-verbal smackdown the other day on Linkedin after Michael Rineri of PwC postedit , which the consultancy didn’t even create!  It was designed by Business Insider, but it generated a fair bit of debate (and at times heated) because it missed this category, or that company, or was just a self-obsessed act of I don’t know what. 

What the heck gives here? 

I truly have never witnessed an infographic controverysy before.  What then is next for fintech?  Is this a sign that the industry has matured is growing more competitve…..or just plain ornery?  It was just so odd – and funny – that I had to at least comment on it.  Perhaps Michael Rineri has a theory – let’s see if he contacts us to comment on this piece!

Source: Linkedin Updates