FintekNews-Marketing Special for our Readers

FintekNews Friends, we’re pushing toward the end of 2016, and many of you may already be planning your marketing for 2017, or have last minute marketing needs for this year (or unused budget that vanishes if you don’t utilize by December 31). 

FintekNews offers a full suite of bespoke marketing services to help fund managers, RIAs and B/Ds with their marketing & education needs, including:

  • Webinars
  • Press Releases & Financial Media Distribution
  • Sponsored Content
  • Onsite Corporate Fintech Learning Events

AND, we have a YEAR END advertising special on FintekNews, available only through December 31 (with prepayment):

  • Publication of your sponsored content -OR- a press release for ONE WEEK on and in our headlines of our daily newsletter for only $1250(Daily newsletter sends to 100,000+ RIAs, hedge funds, B/Ds & VCs)

Contact our team at 404-324-0410 or email cindy(at) for more information!