FintekNews Celebrates #WomenInFintech – Meet Krista Morgan of P2Binvestor


We’re pleased to present the sixth installment in our new feature series – “FintekNews Celebrates #WomenInFintech“!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Krista Morgan, CEO of P2Binvestor,  a Denver-based crowd lending platform for working capital that offers businesses a middle path between hard-to-get bank financing and expensive subprime lending. Through technology and with a crowd of accredited investors, P2Bi simplifies lending and provides efficient, competitively priced growth capital to small and medium businesses.

NAME: Krista Morgan

1)      What does your financial technology firm offer?

We provide technology-enabled lines of credit to growing businesses that cannot access traditional bank financing. Our marketplace of private investors and banks fund these lines of credit at increasingly competitive rates as a business grows and improves their financial performance.

2)      What was the personal motivation for you to launch your firm?  

I was looking for a career change and considering different options when my father and I came up with this idea. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a good reason not to pursue it, it seemed like the right move at the time.

3)      As a female entrepreneur, do you feel any advantages or disadvantages in being female as you are seeking capital to grow & building your business? 

It is hard to get capital without a track record that is relevant to what you’re doing. I was not only new to the fintech and finance space, but I was also a first-time female CEO so it was hard to convince early investors that I could succeed.

4)      Do you feel you are at a competitive advantage – or disadvantage – as a female fintech entrepreneur – or neither?

From a competitive standpoint in the marketplace I don’t think being a female entrepreneur makes things harder. But when it comes to raising financing and being taken seriously in the fintech industry I do feel it is a disadvantage.

5)      Do you feel there are more women starting financial technology companies than in other business sectors?  If so, why or why not?

I don’t know the numbers, but certainly I am not seeing a lot more women starting fintech companies or even assuming leadership roles in existing companies. Finance is intimidating, there’s a lot of jargon, a lot of money, and huge egos at play. It’s not welcoming to women, and we have very few role models to learn from.

6)      Do you think the trend will continue where we will see more women in leadership roles in fintechs and why? 

It is my hope that diversity becomes a value for all fintech leaders, not just female ones. We are a fintech company with 50 percent women because I hired women in leadership, I make it a priority to talk about diversity, I make it clear that women are not just welcome but valued at my company. If every fintech leader did that we’d have plenty of women. Diversity starts at the top.

With the heart of an entrepreneur and the brain of a calculator Krista Morgan started P2Binvestor over 5 years ago with a mission to help growing businesses succeed. In addition to running P2Binvestor, she is the cohost of Women Who Startup Radio (a podcast), an ardent mentor to other women entrepreneurs, and a trusted leader who speaks regularly on business finance, fundraising, and scaling a startup.