FintekNews Celebrates #WomenInFintech – Meet Sally Outlaw of Worthy

Sally Outlaw

We’re excited to present the third feature in our new series – “FintekNews Celebrates #WomenInFintech“!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Sally Outlaw (love her last name!), founder of Worthy Financial, a a digital investing app and savings solution that helps users gather and grow a nest egg by rounding up their daily purchases and investing the spare change into higher yielding alternative assets more aligned with their values.

NAME: Sally Outlaw
TITLE: Founder
COMPANY: Worthy Financial

1) What does your financial technology firm offer?

We are a financial technology company created to help bring private credit investment opportunities to the masses. Our app does this through micro-investments in fixed 5% interest bonds where the revenue from the bonds goes to fund the needs of growing American businesses. So we are working to change the face of finance through putting our user’s money to work while supporting their fellow humans.

2) What was the personal motivation for you to launch your firm?

My personal motivation for launching Worthy was financial fairness. I’ve worked in crowdfunding and peer finance for over 7 years as it levels the playing field for entrepreneurs and investors and I always wanted an easy way to bridge the masses to my industry. We created Worthy as that solution.

3) As a business leader, do you feel any advantages/disadvantages in being female as you are:

  • Managing your business & team internally…..
    I have not really seen any gender dynamics at Worthy –we’re all really respectful of each other and feel fortunate to be working as a team. Everyone is an expert in their own area and as a whole we are really mission driven so that tends to be a strong glue to keep us all working well together.
  • Growing your business competitively?
    I feel pretty sure my answer would be different if I was operating in the traditional, “Wall Street” or Venture Capital space, but I’ve not found my gender to impact my business in the alternative capital world either negatively or positively thus far. I conducted business on the ground in Russia for over 10 years in the 90’s – where sexism was quite rampant – but I found there that my enthusiasm for what I do and my enjoyment for connecting with people tended to ovecome any issues. Perhaps these same elements are also influencing with my work at Worthy.

4) Do you feel you are at a competitive advantage – or disadvantage – as a female fintech business leader– or neither?

Well one advantage is I get invited to speak at numerous technology and investment events as they are in need of female representation on the panels!

5) Do you feel there are more women in financial technology leadership roles than in other business sectors? If so, why or why not?

I do see women leading many of the top platforms and companies in my industry. Perhaps this is because I think of what we do as “collaborative finance” and that’s how women more naturally operate – or maybe it’s because it was a new industry that we could help invent and mold. Outside of my niche in peer finance, there is still a gender imbalance in other fintech arenas.

6) Do you think the trend will continue where we will see more women in leadership roles in fintechs and if so, why?

I think we will see more women in leadership roles in Fintech as there has been an increasing emphasis on women in STEM and at the same time the cost to start a technology business has come down so if women can’t get hired for a leadership role, they will just do what I did and create their own job by launching a Fintech company!

As an innovator in finance, Sally Outlaw is addicted to helping business owners and retail investors navigate the new capital opportunities provided by the updated securities regulations under the Jobs Act.