FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – A New Piston Engine: LiquidPiston

Some days in this space, we promote $50M VC deals to new or emerging fintechs and other days we feature $500/per pop crowdfunding ventures.  Why?  Because our site is meant to be INSTRUCTIVE about all things fintech, and we like to add some levity along the way, even though the data sets for those two stories might vary somewhat.  Okay, they vary alot.  Anyway today, FintekNews Friends, we’re going to talk about PISTON ENGINES…………and fintech, and that’s because crowdinvesting is one avenue of alternative investments for our readers to consider for their own or their clients’ portfolios when there is higher risk tolerance.

One of our favorite go to crowdfunding sites is Wefunder, and they’ve had the LiquidPiston deal featured on their homepage for at least a few weeks.  According to their Wefunder listing:

“Our Ambition

We can’t overstate how important our new thermodynamic cycle is – this is the first leap forward in combustion engine technology in 85 years. We’re improving the engine in virtually every way and already have multi-million dollar government contracts under way, and have huge enterprise customers lining up for potential licensing deals. Initially, we will be 100% focused on military applications. We won’t stop, however, until we overturn the entire $400 Billion combustion engine market.

Key Facts

  • New engine architecture could improve fuel efficiency by up to 2x over a gasoline engine, while reducing size and weight by up to 10x over a diesel engine.
  • 27 patents issued or pending.
  • 70cc “X mini” engine is a 3-5hp gasoline engine the size of a honeydew melon. Measured 50% increased efficiency over comparable per-cylinder displacement gasoline engine.
  • Completed $1 Million “seedling” program with DARPA in 2015.
  • Awarded 2 DoD contracts in Sept 2016, totaling $5.5M in non-dilutive funding, with potential for follow on awards for additional $7M.
  • $460 billion total addressable market; starting with military industry and handheld engine.”

As of publication time, this deal has raised $201K from 298 investors, toward a goal of $50K-$1M.  And as always, FintekNews does note endorse these deals, we simply like to showcase them for our readers own discernment. 

Read Full Listing at WeFunder