FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – BioRing on Indiegogo

Friends, we’ve immensely enjoyed shaking up our normal VC Deal of the Day, and delving into Crowdfunding opportunities instead.  So rather than focusing on fintechs who’ve received VC funding, we’re focusing on interesting companies who are USING a fintech (a crowdfunding site) to raise capital.  We’ll mix it up a bit for the near future, just to keep things fresh.

So TODAY we are faturing the BioRing, which falls within the hot “wearables” category and is basically a fitbit device, but designed to be worn as a ring, rather than on  your wrist. 

Astonishingly, they’ve raised over $711,000, which is nearly 9x their original ask on the site.  In addition to seeking investments, they are also marketing the ring for purchase as well. 

According to their Indiegogo listing:

Other wearables like FitBit and Jawbone only measure your calorie burn, without measuring your calorie intake. Knowing both is crucial if you want to lose weight or just live healthy. 

BioRing measures both, giving you a detailed breakdown of the food you are eating and helping you manage your weight – all in a revolutionary small size with sleek Scandinavian design. 

BioRing is the next generation of wellness technology.”

See Full Listing at Indiegogo