FintekNews-Crowdfund Deal of the Day-“Disruptive” Cleveland Whiskey

Friends, we’ve been having some fun switching up our FintekNews Deal of the Day from VC deals to Crowdfund deals of late, and we’ll continue to mix them up for you.  Today, we thought you’d enjoy learning about a deal that harkens from the land of LeBron James with an opportunity to invest in a city namesake spirits firm – Cleveland Whiskey, which proclaims itself to be “disruptive” (there’s that word again!!!).  In fact, we’ve noticed that there’s quite a few liquor crowdfunding deals at any given time.  At any rate, as always “caveat emptor”, and please note that FintekNews is not endorsing this, or any of the crowdfund deals we feature.  We just think they’re cool!

From their WeFunder Page:

“Invest in Cleveland Whiskey
Whiskey 2.0 / Disruptive Technology 

Traditional whiskey can take 6 to 12 years to passively age in a barrel yet emerging markets are creating shortages that established distilleries simply can’t manage. With disruptive technology, our process uses pressure variations and oxygenation that reduces maturation time to less than 24 hours. We’re also developing new and different flavor profiles with transformative woods like black cherry, apple and hickory that are winning Gold Medals around the world. The industry isn’t happy.

Our Ambition

Our research and development process is exponentially faster and what we make today is better than what we made last month. Not just faster but better. Our agility helps us fill market gaps and expand world-wide. Unconstrained by the status quo, we’re a “just-in-time” manufacturer with new flavors that can reach markets in a fraction of the time previously necessary. Some say we’ll be acquired by one of the big players; maybe it will be the other way around.

Key Facts:

  • $1 million+ revenue in 2015
  • ~50% year over year growth in 2016
  • Hit Profitability in 2016
  • Won Gold Medal at 2016 San Francisco International Spirits Competition (& others)
  • 3600 blind taste tests: 54% preferred our whiskey over Knob Creek
  • Holds U.S. patent 8,889,206 and carefully guarded trade secrets
  • 166,857 bottles sold in 12 states and 6 countries
  • $25 billion whiskey market size; 44% of growth in 2015 from new flavors

As of publication time for our story, they have raised over $560,000 from 845 investors toward their goal of $100K-$1M, and their deal closes for investment at 11pm EDT on October 4th. 

Read Full Listing at WeFunder