FintekNews-Crowdfund Deal of the Day-Hawaii Cider Company

Folks, we believe in the crowdfunding revolution, although we also believe the buyer should beware – “CAVEAT EMPTOR” – when it comes to ANY crowdfunding deal.  No doubt some are great, no doubt some are not so great.  Still, we thought this looked like a fun company and if you chose to invest (or invest for a client), you could JUSTIFY a write for a trip to Hawaii to visit their facilities, so that’s a nice little perk.  They also have a well done video on their Wefunder page and an excellent overview for potential investors. 
(Note – FintekNews is not an investor of Hawaiian Cider Company, nor do we endorse the firm or advocate investing in it.  We just think it’s an interesting story)

According to their Wefunder Page………..

“Our Ambition

Hawai’i Cider Co. is opening the state’s first locally sourced and locally produced craft cidery. Our team has a 5-year proven track record of growing our original beverage brand (Hawaiian Ola) 100% year-over-year in the highly competitive energy drink space. Now, we see opportunity in opening a new company in the wine and beer category, which is 10x larger than the energy market. The facility would create new local jobs, cash for local farmers, and reduce Hawai’i’s reliance on shipped in goods.

Key Facts:

  • First to market. The state’s first craft hard cider company
  • Raised $400K for new equipment
  • Secured a 10K Sq Ft shop in downtown kailua Kona
  • Seasoned beverage industry professionals
  • Founding team signed 3-year work commitments
  • Multi-gold-medal winning Brew Master
  • Partnered with local chef Allen Hess to develop flavors
  • Local food & bev brands eager to co-pack at the new facility”

To date, they’ve raised over $520,000 from 50+ investors since May 2016, and @$120,000 on the most recent campaign, currently running.

Read Full Listing at WeFunder