FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – Rodeo Donut

Donuts, whiskey, fried chicken and a cool name! When we were trolling across the crowdfunding website WeFunder today, we saw several interesting deals, including an updated piston engine with 27 patents pending that we may feature in the near future.  However, when we saw RODEO DONUT, it just popped for us, so they are today’s FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day.

WeFunder is a bit like Shark Tank, but without the sharks.  There are so many interesting investing opportunities, but Caveat Emptor!  Crowdinvesting can be profitable, or you can lose ur your shirt.  Anyway, this company started as a pop up venue selling cupcakes, and is now evolving to a brick and mortar serving gourmet donuts in the morning, lunch (including fried chicken) and libations in the evening. 

The donut variations are quite cool, too.  They have flavors like Apple Bourbon Bacon Fritter, Raspberry Balsamic Cream Cheese & Rodeo Caviar n’ Cream! 

The company is based in Seattle, so this may be of greater interest for investing to area locals, but maybe not.  The interesting thing about crowdfunding is that you can invest in anything anywhere on the planet. 

According to their listing:

“Our Ambition

For us, a donut isn’t just a pastry. It’s a memory of childhood trips to the local bakery and a bit of love to share with coworkers at the office. While places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons mass produce generic-tasting donuts, we believe donuts should be high-quality and full of innovation and creativity. More than a bakery, we want to build a community of donut lovers, and with a $14b industry that’s growing 4.7% each year*, that community will be huge.

Key Facts

45,847 donuts sold since launch.
Ran a successful pop-up, opening first brick and mortar location in Seattle.
Flavors include Peanut Butter Sriracha, Honey blood Orange, and Rodeo Queen.
Catered large orders for companies like PayPal
79% gross margins”

As of press time, they have raised $27,138 toward a goal of $50K-$100K from 72 investors. 

Read Full Listing at WeFunder